Patagonia Manifesto

Our engagement with Patagonia began by working with their CMO to distill their marketing pillars into a brand activation video. We then moved on to their global brand standards. The 40 year old company had never been codified and existed in the minds of Yvon Chouinard and a couple other keepers of the brand. I worked side by side with Jack Whitman to codify their global brand standards for the very first time.

Soon after we wrapped the brand standards we worked with the team to develop their global visual design standards. Throughout the process of designing for the global visual design standards we saw an opportunity to communicate the history and the incorruptible spirit of the company. We designed a set of pieces to be distributed to all employees. Jack created some brand stoke posters and I created the print piece you see a glimpse of above. 

I would love to share more of the work with you. Unfortunately, I have to keep the full extent of the work under wraps. I'm happy to talk more about our engagement with the courageous brand.

Atlanta based designer, art director working at Son&Sons